Story behind the blog.


I realize that a lot of the time I write somewhat vaguely. I love pouring my heart out through writing and the internet has made that even more exciting. But oftentimes I lean towards artistic expression rather than straightforward prose.

So, here is where I’ll really introduce myself and give you a little behind the scenes look at who you’re reading about!

  1. My name is Hannah.
  2. I’m a twenty-something.
  3. I am married to a manly, good-looking, woodworker/designer/can do anything kinda guy named Josh.
  4. In July of 2020 we welcomed our first baby, a sweet son named Judah. His entrance to this world was traumatic and his life is 100% a miracle. He’s also the cutest baby in NY, according to many unbiased opinions.
  5. My passion is for loving Jesus and seeing people fall in love with Him.
  6. I have a bachelors in Youth Ministry with a minor in Counseling Psychology from Toccoa Falls College.
  7. I have a lot of dreams surrounding youth ministry, counseling, and putting together the gifts God has given me further His kingdom.
  8. I have two cats, Lion and Rhino. I think naming animals after other animals is one of the highest levels of humor.
  9. I’m 100% an enneagram 3.
  10. I’m funny.
  11. I like writing lists (and this one is getting way out of hand).
  12. In my spare time I work out and come up with ways to eat as much as possible and still be healthy.

Okay, that’s enough for the lists.

I’m here because I love communicating what I learn while following Jesus and diving head first into the crazy world of ministry. I’ve been serving with my husband at our small Christian and Missionary Alliance Church (11. I love the C&MA!!!) as a youth leader for 5 years, and I honestly can’t imagine doing anything else.

My name, Gentleness & a Lioness, comes from a really sweet season with the Lord. I remember in my early high-school years learning that when we come to God, He oftentimes will give us a “new name” (Revelation 3:12, see also the stories of Abraham and Sarah, Saul/Paul, and one of my new favorites: Jacob). The closer I got to Him, the more I began to wonder what my “new name” would be.

History: I’ve always loved lions. They were a love that I picked up as a young kid (thanks, Lion King) and never really let go of. Throughout my adolescent years it became very well known that I was the “lion girl”. I remember one birthday I got at least 5 different lions from different people, and 2 copies of Lisa Bevere’s book Lioness Arising. It soon became clear to me, however, that my love for lions was something more than just a kid’s favorite animal. God gave me a connection (in a very non-weird, drawing me closer to Him, kinda way).

It was that book, and other things, that led me to finally ask God what my new name really was, and I felt Him say to me, “You are My lioness”.

Lionesses are strong, beautiful, and they passionately protect the pride.

There is a fierceness that I recognized within my spirit, given to me by God, that seemed to fit with the name.

Yet, all at the same time God called me to gentleness: because it would not be my own strength, but HIS strength through me, that would accomplish these things.

There are a lot more connections and God things that make up the name, you can ask me about them if you really are interested, but it all boils down to this:

I am His Lioness, but on my own I’m just a mess. Gentleness helps me stay grounded in the reality that He is my fierce protecting strength, that He is my power, and that He is everything good in me.

Also, the concept of a lioness and gentleness seem so contrary to each other, don’t they? Isn’t that just how God works? He puts together things that we never would, and He works in ways that make us stand in awe.

So, that’s my story. As I look back, I’m amazed at the things God has done in my short life. As I look forward, I can’t wait to run fast after Him and see what things He wants to do in the future.

I’m here to fight for His Kingdom, to love like He loves, and to embrace the hard stuff. Not because of my own strength, or my own glory, but because of what He’s done for me and the amazing power and love He has for His people.

Judah, my son, is a young lion
that has finished eating its prey.
Like a lion he crouches and lies down;
like a lioness—who dares to rouse him?
The scepter will not depart from Judah,
nor the ruler’s staff from his descendants,[a]
until the coming of the one to whom it belongs,[b]
the one whom all nations will honor.Genesis 49:9-10


Also, here’s a yawning lioness in case you forgot what they look like. I do admit that when I remembered female lions don’t have the awesome mane, I was a little disappointed. A lion’s mane is a solid 60% of why they’re cool, but God said it so I’m okay with it.

This blog has been thought about for a long time, and I’ve spent many years sharing my heart and my words on Tumblr (Tumblr people, I am one of you. <3). But after years of thinking about it, right now felt like the time to finally do it.

Welcome aboard, if you read anything here that touches your heart, then I will be eternally humbled and blessed.

Because this is all for His glory.

This is all because I love Him.